Camp Cloe Enrichment Resort and Training
Camp CloeEnrichment Resort and Training

Virtual Training


I offer Puppy (Beginner) Classes, Basic Manners, Relaxation, Fitness, Enrichment Training, and Separation Anxiety. The Virtual session elimates the distraction of the trainer (especially for high anxiety clients), can start at 6 weeks of age and is convenient and flexible.


Enrichment Day Care


Enrichment daycare allows your dog to develop their senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, etc) to give them confidence engaging in new situations. This is also an opportunity to identify each individual dog's talents. 


General daycare may offer the social environment but over looks opportunities for development and teambuilding training. 

Specialty Boarding


Campers being accepted at this time are reserved for dogs with disabilites and anxiety disorders that weigh under 40lbs. 


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