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Sarah (Cloe) Bruinsma - Owner

My real name is Sarah but everyone calls me Cloe. I am a licensed Veterinary Technician, a Certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer, and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. After graduating from Medaille College in 2002, I worked at County Line Animal Hospital for 18 years. My areas of interest were diabetes, dentistry, and orthopedics. To further my training, I completed programs from Victoria Stilwell Academy in 2021 and went to Malena DiMartini Separation Anxiety School in 2022.  My clients have become much more than people who bring their pets in for care, but a part of my family.  I try to help them as much as I possibly can by babysitting their pets, caring for pets with disabilities or diabetes, providing at-home care, and just offering guidance with care and training.  

I've been doing this so long that the clients came up with the name "Camp Cloe," which has stuck ever since. Clients feel more relaxed going on vacations and trips knowing that their pet is getting one on one time every day. No friend should just be sitting in a kennel!! There are so many positives to kennel-free pet sitting, that I want to extend my services to those in need.

Meet my furry family!

((4 dogs and a parrot!!))


Emmitt is my 16-year-old poodle.  He is the neighborhood watchdog.  He always is in everyone's business...nothing gets by him! He has separation anxiety and general anxiety.


Shiloh.  He is my 3-legged boy, who is 9 years old, min pin- chihuahua mix.  I had to amputate his leg as it was deformed.  Three days after we removed it he was playing with all the other dogs like nothing ever happened.  He is amazing! Shiloh's huge ears have earned him the name Kangaroo by all the kids that come to see him.  He loves to smile at people that he loves.


Paris is a 6-year-old, Greyhound mix.  She is a rescue from the south that I adopted from Joyful Rescue.  She is very sweet and only wants to make everyone feel happy and welcome here. She is my main greeter and tells me about how your pup feels here when we do a meet and greet.


Archie is a 5-year-old, Boston Terrier. He and Paris are the two that love to play with everyone that comes over.  


My parrot is named Dante, peach face caique, and his favorite sentences are "What are you doing?" and "Are you a good boy?"   He is quite the sight to see and everyone loves playing with him.


When you come to my house there is a sign above my door, as you walk in, that says "Welcome to the zoo!" Now you know why. The more the merrier! :)  



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