Camp Cloe Enrichment Resort and Training
Camp CloeEnrichment Resort and Training

Puppy (Beginners) Classes

This Level 1, half hour zoom session is $35. We go over 10 cues in 8 weeks.  We also go over normal puppy behavior (biting, barking, jumping, ect.) and how to react to it. I use positive reinforcement (treats).  We can start training as early as 6 weeks old! By using zoom in home technology, there are less distractions training and they are safer because of limited exposure to diseases from other pups. This method trains the best!!



Basic Manners Training

This Level 2 class, with the pre-requisite of the Level 1 session, goes further indepth with manners after the basic training. Your pet knows the cues but now we put them into use. Or better yet we make patterns to be put in place so they do it without you having to ask them! Isn't that wonderful!! We reinforce politeness at the door and when new people come over. Switch over to a lose leash walk by adding patterns. There is a ton of stuff we can do and cater to your individual dog's needs. The number of training sessions is determined by you and your dog while keeping up with these sessions helps to reinforce those positive behavior. 


Relaxation Therapy

We train your furry friend to relax. Whether it is a young excited pup or an anxious old man, we will show you the tools you'll need to help them calm down in new or stressful situations. From T-touch therapy to musical therapy and desensitization techniques, we will help you learn the skills so you and your pet do not feel helpless.  This training is most effective over virtual sessions. 

Separation Anxiety Training

Does your furry companion show any signs of distress when you leave your home? 

  • Barking, whining, or howling
  • Inappropriate elimination in the home
  • Scratching, chewing, destruction of doors, baseboards or windows
  • Drooling, pacing, or shaking
  • Self mutilation
  • Trying to escape in any way

They maybe suffering from Separation Anxiety.


I can help! There is great success with training! 


The training is 4 days a week,  once a day training, and no more than 30 minutes each day. There is a reassessment once a week with me. For how long?  Only your pup can tell us that.  The training is all based on each individual dog's comfort level. It is more like months instead of weeks.



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Diabetic Counseling

If your dog or cat was just diagnosed or has been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus. I can guide you through the process and help with your questions concerning this disease. I keep up to date with all the newest diabetic information. I can go over diet, how to give the injections, and monitoring.

I can work with your vet so we can get the info they need to better control the disease. I am a great resource to have at your side.


Any other requests, feel free to ask! I'm not a doctor, but I can help point you in the right direction.


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