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My enrichment daycare is different than any of the other daycares here in Rochester. We do sensory games, thinking games, relaxation therapy, and team building with other dogs.  This type of daycare is made for dogs with anxiety issues so they learn how to handle new situations so they are not so scared in our world. 85% of the dogs that go here all have clinical anxiety, meaning they are on medication.  This type of environment helps them feel safe because in normal daycare they can be bullied because of the way they feel.  They don't quite fit in.  Here, no one is bullied and they learn how to handle situations in a safer way.


Join Camp Cloe Daycare! The fees are $40 for 8-9 hours and $20 for 4-5 hours for dogs over a year old. Puppies under a year are $45 for 8-9 hours and $25 for half a day. I highly recommend daycare for pups 5 to 24 months of age. The daycare setting will help socialize your pup with other pups in a safe environment. I am trained to look for stress or fear in social situations and can help build confidence in your pup with other dogs. Only taking dogs under 50 pounds. Also, let me know if they have any food allergies.  I make them kongs for when they are here.  Also, bring their favorite treats the first couple of times.


Requirements- 2 vaccines of distemper and parvo, a kennel cough, and rabies.

Pups must be neutered or spayed by 8 months of age to continue daycare.



                                                      Camp Cloe Boarding


**Dogs must be current on rabies, distemper, and kennel cough vaccines.

It is recommended that your pets have flea/tick/heartworm prevention. 


 I take dogs under 40 pounds and would love for them to attend daycare 2 times a month so they are more comfortable with their stay here. 


Each dog is $45 per night for dogs that attend daycare.


$50 per night for dogs that do not come here for daycare over a year old.


$55 per night for puppies under a year old.

When you bring your pet, please bring the following:

-Food, and feeding instructions.


-Any medications your pet may need, insulin with syringes, and instructions.


-Please inform me of any food allergies, as I do a lot of enrichment with kongs and puzzle toys.


-Please bring your pet's bed or blanket to make them more comfortable and at ease during their stay. It helps them to understand that they will be staying for a bit of time. I have comforters in the living room and beds in different locations of my house that your pet can enjoy, but it's better if it comes from home. 


I supply water and food dishes.


*If you would like me to Clean ears, Pedicures, or Anal glands feel free to ask. There is an additional charge for these services.


                                 Another Added feature at Camp Cloe!




Jessica, owner of Fancy Furbabies Mobile Paw Spa,  will be coming once a month for grooming here for my clients that need it.  Daycare and a spa day in one spot! If this is something that you need then let me know and I can put you on the schedule. She needs proof of vaccines and can get you an estimated cost. Her grooming cost will be separate and there will be a daycare charge for them to stay for the day.  I need to prep them for the grooming game.


I'm hoping this will not only help my clients not have to run all over the place but also help the dogs that may have a bad reaction to being groomed. The dogs we groomed do so much better with the fear-free method. I turned grooming into a game and not so much as a scary thing that they have to do. It made all the difference in the world! Offering this to my daycare clients with dogs that are scared of grooming. Let me know if your dog has a fear of being groomed. For best results, owners should have the dog here for daycare without being groomed a couple of times so they see how fun it is. I will train them with the clicker so they learn the clicker game. Then schedule the appointments with Jess coming here, so she can groom and I can play the game and reward! We all work as a fun team!


                                          She will be here  April 9th!  

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